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  1. Hello, everyone! ✌️ I think, some of you may have a question: how is the server?! The answer is that the server is doing great! RA owner works in there hardly all of his free time. 🤓 I am posting the latest updates, to let you see what new is done in game: PvM: Revenants are now done 100%. [Fixed drops, stats and the cave is now full of monsters as it should be] Tormented demons shield added! [Now you need a darklight to break their shield] Kalphite queen changes: Fixed shortcut; Added workers/guardians; All monster drops checked again. [We will see how it is, may need some changes after Beta] Added Yaks. Fun fact is that they do drop a Helm of neitiznot with a drop chance of 1/40. [There is no helm of neitiznot in the shops, so that is the only method to get it] Fixed slayer tower shortcuts. 16 waves fight caves is now added 100%. [Plus JAD with healers] Zulrah, Kraken, Cerberus, Godwars, Lizardman shamans and some more bosses fully added into the game! [They are already waiting for you to test] Fixed plenty of other monster animations and stats. Skilling: Added hunter skill, now 3 areas fully working. [Feldip, Relleka, Piscatoris] Added few new teleports. [Fishing guild, Falador mine (with a zone for members), farming with all the patches] Added farming, slayer, hunter skill menu's. [Some of skill menu's corrected] Added draynor, seers, relleka, ardougne rooftop agility! [Marks of grace will be added vey soon also!] Alot of small changes to other skills... Other: Added fully working shooting star with stages! [At the beggining mining level required is 80, later 70 then 60, 50... till 10! That means you will be able to help others mining a shooting star with the minimum mining level of 10!] Added pest control shop for points, also the ability to upgrade your void to elite! [All you need to do is just talk with the Void Knight] Small barrows, pest control, warriors' guild bug fixes. Now bank price check has no limits! [You can have in your bank as much items/money as you want and price checker will show the correct value] Some more of other bug fixes that i forgot to mention. Media:
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